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This is the Foundation School Program (FSP) School District State Aid Reports main page, which allows you to select and run customized reports of FSP State Aid payment allotments. You can use this page to view detailed reports of Foundation allotments for a particular district and school year. From this page, you can access the following State Aid reports:

Report Type

Report Description

Summary of Finances Also referred to as SOF; an overall summary of a Local Education Agency's (LEA) state aid calculations
Statewide Summary of Finances Summary of state aid to all LEAs, including statewide totals
Charter School Statewide Summary Summary of state aid to Charter Schools
Cost of Recapture Details the recapture payment calculations for districts that are subject to Chapter 41
Payment Ledgers Running ledger of payments and adjustments to an LEA’s state aid balance
Foundation Payment Schedule Description of the percentage of state aid that is paid each month by payment class
Existing Debt Allotment Eligible Debt Service List of the debt service for district-issued general obligation bonds that is eligible for funding under the Existing Debt Allotment (EDA) program
Instructional Facilities Allotment Report Allotment calculation information for district-issued bonds and lease-purchase agreements that are funded under the Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA) program
Tuition Limit Report Detail of the calculations that determine the maximum amount of tuition that a district can charge for non-resident students
State Compensatory Education Numbers Enrollment values used for the calculation of the state compensatory education (SCE) allotment
Pupil Projections Biennial projections of student attendance; it is updated in odd-numbered years, and the data is used to calculate estimated state aid for each year of the biennium.

If you are accessing the reports from the public site or from the Transportation module, there is also a list of transportation reports.

Run State Aid Reports

To view a customized report, you must first indicate your report criteria.

  1. Choose the report you want to run from the Report drop list and click Select.

Select Reports

  1. The page refreshes with the options associated with the report you selected.

  2. Select the school year you want to view.

  1. To enter the District Name or CDN for which you want to run the report, type the first letter(s) of the District, or number(s) of the CDN, to see a list of matching Districts or CDNs. Then select the appropriate name from the list. You can also enter the district name exactly as it spelled in the TEA database.

Select District

  1. If you are running an SOF report for the 2008-09 school year or earlier, you must then select the Report Type, which is the payment cycle Near-Final, Final, or, Current to indicate which payment cycle you want to view.

  1. Once you have entered all report criteria, click Submit. You can also click Cancel to clear your selections and begin again.

  2. The report you selected (in this example the SOF report) opens in a new window.

Summary of Finances report

The SOF for the 2009-2010 term produces a report with additional options. You can generate the report in either HTML, PDF, or, Excel simply by clicking the text of the format wanted.


View Detailed SOF Reports

From selected reports you can view the following detailed reports:

To view a detailed report, you must select the report you want to view.


These SOF reports pull information from a number of different sources, which results in different report formats, color schemes, and other options. The links to detailed SOF reports only work if you select the HTML version.

  1. Click the Text for the report you want to run.


  1. The report opens in a new window.

Detail report

Navigating the Payment Ledger Report

From inside the Payment Ledger Report you can also create additional reports with other options.

  1. To change the CDN or district name type in the district name (exactly as it spelled in the TEA database), or you can type the first letters or numbers to see a list of matching CDNs or districts and then select the appropriate name from the list.

  2. You can use the drop down menus to select different options for the School Year or the Ledger Type.

  3. If you make changes, click the View Ledger button to process your new choices.

Payment Ledger


You can also sort report features by clicking the column headers in this report.

Under Current Allotment, you can click on an allotment amount to see the Statement of Finances.